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Nikki_Follea1I discovered Emma’s website after reading reviews just like the one I am about to write, in May 2014 I started to notice my hair falling out and within 3 months I decided I needed to take action and find myself a nice wig that made me feel and look like me. This is not something that many 24 year old girls face on a regular basis and to say I was distraught at that time would be an understatement. Then I found Emma Hirst (my fairy god mother), she took it upon herself to contact me after inquiring about a brochure, she took the time to find out more about my type of alopecia, looked at photographs of what my hair was like before I had developed alopecia. Emma was my rock I don’t know anyone with alopecia and I had no one to talk to but Emma was there …

—Nikki Cairns

sally1I first contacted Emma at Aspire Hair when I read about her in a Sunday Magazine Article. At that point I had 2 ten pence piece size bald patches and had been diagnosed with alopecia some 8 weeks earlier, given some lotion to rub into the patches and more or less told to get on with it! Emma was amazing on that first call and really understood how I felt. She kept in regular contact with me via email, which was a real support.

I rang Emma back and arranged to go and see her to see how she could help me. When I met Emma face to face for the first time it felt like I was meeting an ‘old’ friend due to the support I had already had.

—Sally Gibson

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