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We have far too much to say about Follea® for us to fit it all onto one page of our website!

With Follea® offering such products as the Gripper  2™ and the Aero 2™ as well as many more solutions for women today suffering from hair loss / alopecia, we feel it is very important to meet with clients face to face.

We offer a FREE one to one consultation where you will be able to see a variety of Follea wigs and even try some on if you would like to.

The amazing quality of Follea hair and the cleverly designed cap constructions have made this collection a winner with our clients. Emma, Aspire Hair's founder i such a fan that she actually owns a Gripper2 herself!

Below are pictures of real women wearing their very own Follea Hair.


Tonje_1_Resize   Tonje_new_7_Resize


emgripper   emgripper2


mgripper   mgripper2


emma_wig   em_snow_queen


linn_3   linn_4


charlotte_gripper   charlie_2










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