About Aspire Hair - How it all started!

Aspire Hair officaly launched back in June of 2010 and was founded by Emma Hirst (Now Emma Jones) as she wanted to create a safe and relaxed place that people from all walks of life could come too who were suffering from medical related hair loss.

Emma had developed the medical condition alopecia universalis at the age of 12 years old and the whole experience she had gone through had made her wonder if there was a better way things could be done ...

A few words from aspire hairs founder ...

" Losing your hair at any age is devestating. It doesn't matter whether you're experiencing alopecia, going through Chemotherapy or transitioning - losing your hair feels like a bit part of who you are is being wiped away before your eyes.

When I lost my hair all those years ago there was very little support out there for someone like me & I felt like I had no options"

safe & comfortable

We continue to work hard to ensure that you feel welcome, relaxed and informed at your consultation with us. All of our staff are naturally empathetic and well trained to look after you and our aim is to help you feel more positive about wearing hair. two thirds of our staff are every day hair wearers due to medical hair loss which ensures we can relate to how your feeling 100%.

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