Emma Hirst, Aspire Hair's founder, has suffered from alopecia universalis for over 17 years. Fed up with the lack of information, support and options available to her at traditional wig stores, Emma decided to set up Aspire Hair with the vision of providing her clients with the best service she could possibly give.

What started off as an online presence, soon become something that Emma did not expect .....


" When i started Aspire Hair i honestly thought that i would be dealing with clients solely over the internet / via email etc .... I never thought i would be sitting down face to face with different clients every day and chatting away with them over the phone as much as i do! I can honestly say that i absolutely love meeting so many amazing women, men and children every day.

It feels very rewarding to see my clients grow in confidence and self belief thanks to the right hair choices. I feel so proud that Aspire Hair has become a  website that people with alopecia and other hair loss conditions could come to and feel at least a small amount of relief initially, and then know that they can email us or pick up that phone and feel comfortable in talking to someone on the other end of the line that truly understands what they are going through. I have made so many new friends along the way and still am with every new client that comes to me.

Alopecia took away my confidence and my self belief in the beginning. I was a grade A student at 12 years old, but when i lost my hair i was too depressed to leave the house. I left school at 13 years old, with no GCSE'S and what many thought was no future as far as a career goes! People always say to me now ... 'Wow! you really did make lemonade out of those lemons didn't you!' I guess i did.......

I believe that everyone can find their confidence again, no matter how hard it has been and no matter how many years you have been suffering. You really do owe it to yourself, we only have one life after all .... and we have to make the most of it :) "