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  1. 5 things you doctor may not have told you about alopecia_blog_image

    After 24 years of alopecia I can say with some confidence that I've experienced every emotion under the sun when it comes to losing my hair.

    These were all emotions that I expected to feel along the way. Common sense told me (even at the age of 12) that I would have bad days, awful days and down right hideous days!

    It was so easy to become lost in the hideous days but you shouldn't under estimate how strong you are.

    We come out of them eventually right?

    I know this and I know you get where I'm coming from .... 

  2. BLOG_5 most asked questions - Follea gripper wig.

    I get asked a LOT of questions about wigs. 

    I expect it as I do run a wig consultancy after all :D

    One collection that seems to attract the most questions is the Follea collection with the Follea Gripper Lite and Gripper Actif wigs being the most popular for women and children with alopecia. 

    Today I'm going to run through with you the top 5 most asked questions about the Follea Gripper Lite and Actif wigs.


    Let's get started ... <3

  3. BLOG_iwig_wavy_euro_6_12_14

    One of the things I absolutely LOVE about my work is when we discover something new and exciting that we can share with our customers.

    I love searching for a beautiful wig that's a little different from what we currently offer and I am constantly looking at filling in any gaps we may have in the collections we offer already.

    When I was younger I was never really given much of a choice when it came to my alternative hair and that was kind of a crappy feeling to say the least! I think this feeling has stuck with me for all of these years because I seem to have grown in to a women on a mission when it comes to offering our customers choices.

    Imagine my excitement when I stumbled across the iWig by Erica Luxembourg! ...






    The beautiful European Processed human hair option from iWig by Erica Luxembourg is super soft and silky to touch.

    The gorgeous natural wave of this hair is unique to each individual wig.

    Before I made the video above I decided to straighen the hair out quickly using my hair straighteners because I always seem to be sharing videos and pictures of wavy styles on our Youtube, Facebook and Instagram (it's probably because I love wavy hair myself!) but I do realise that not everyone likes the same <3

    If you'd like more information on the iWig by Erica Luxembourg then check out the collection on our website here.




    No one wants to come and see us.

    No one books their first appointment with us and looks forward to coming along for their consultation!

    It's not because we are bad at what we do (we're not by the way, I think we're pretty awesome - our customers think so too <3 ) It's the fact that no matter which way you look at it, coming along to an appointment at an alternative hair (wig!) salon because you're hair is about to fall out, is already falling out or has fallen out completely is NOT a very happy or positive situation to find yourself in