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  1. Hi Everyone, it seems to have been quite a while since i sat down and wrote on this Blog!

    The reason behind the Blog today is to let everyone know that we will be putting a new order form within the Full Lace Wigs shop section especially for cutsom made full lace wigs, lace front wigs, silk top wigs etc.... When the Advanced Wigs website originally went live back in 2010, we used online forms for the majority of our ordering systems. Some of you loved them as it gave you the chance to chose all the specifics of your new wig, others didn't like it so much as it could get a bit confusing if you were either new to wigs or had always had someone else chose the specifics for you.

    With the majority of our customers wanting the custom made wig order form back what else could we do but work on putting it back on!

    The custom made wig order form will be visible within the next 7 days on the website and you will be able to find it in the Full Lace Wigs section of the shop. For customers who are not too familiar with full lace wigs and the ins and outs of silk tops, synthetic fibres and baby hairs etc.... there will also be a help guide download link on the Custom Made Wigs page that will explain the ins and outs of cutsom made wigs in more detail. If after reading the guide your head is still spinning please dont hesitate to contact us. It has been said many times and we dont mind saying it again.... we enjoy speaking to our customers and are happy to help in any way we can, so if you feel lost or are struggling just pick up that phone!

    Keep your eyes open for the new order form and have a great weekend!

    Emma xxx


  2. Hi there everyone,

    yes it is official, full lace wigs are once again available from Advanced Wigs. After a lot of testing, trying, tweaking and wearing we have put them back on the site!

    We are going to be working slightly differently than before, our 2 main manufacturers each hold 3500 wigs in stock every month in different colours, sizes, lengths and textures. They are ready made full lace wigs so that means no waiting 5 - 6 weeks for custom orders! Yipee!! Of course, custom orders are still available in you would prefer.

    The delivery time on our Full Lace Wigs that are ready made is 5 - 7 business days, although it may be sooner than this depending on the day / time of year you order. For all our customers who ordered around christmas time we would like to thank you for your patience regarding delivery. As you will know not many postal services / couriers work through christmas and the new year and the severe cold snap has not really helped in the slightest! All will be back to normal after the new year, and once again thank you for your understanding.

    So just a short Blog tonight to keep you updated on whats happening here at Advanced Wigs, we have been and are continuing to work very hard to make Advanced Wigs one of the best suppliers of all wigs, branded and non branded,

    As always your feedback is priceless, so if you have any ideas, suggestions or feedback please contact us and let us know! We wouldn't be here without you,

    Have a great new year!