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  1. Nikki & Her Follea Repair! ....

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    Wed 8th August-Image - Blog Title

    Investing in a Follea is always a bit of a nervous experience for the most of us.

    The first investment money wise is enough to make your hand tremble over the chip and pin machine for one!

    One of the many great things about choosing to wear Follea hair is that as your piece ages, through everyday wear and tear, you have the option to have refresh and repair work done to bring your Follea wig or Topette back to it's former beauty.

    We've had Follea pieces sent to us that has been missing an entire lace top due to an unfortunate run in with a round bristle brush that have been beautifully repaired at the Follea factory.

    One of our customers burnt the hair and lace top on her beloved Follea Gripper wig and was (very understandably!) heartbroken by the whole situation. Even this was repaired.

    We can't stress enough on how wonderfully talented and skilled the Follea factory are. They certainely know there stuff!

    For today's blog post I wanted to share a recent repair that was done on one of our beautiful customers Follea wig ....

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    The beautiful Nikki has been a customer of ours for quite some years now (she originally purchased the Follea Aero2 wig) and this very same wig had become more than ready for a repair and refresh!

    Now, bearing in mind that Nikki's Follea Aero2 wig is now around 4 years old and has only been in for one repair and hair refresh I think you'll all agree with me that both Nikki (and her Follea!) look absolutely stunning ...



    If you have a Follea wig or Topette that you would like refreshing or repairing you can send this to us and we will get a quote for you. For more info please feel free to contact us.


  2. STYLE LOOK | Follea Gripper Lite | 6LY | Colour C10030 ...

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    Follea has always attracted a lot of attention within the hair wearing community.

    For those of us that wear hair on a daily basis due to long term medical related hair loss the Follea collection of wigs and Topettes are very appealing. 

    Follea hair is built to last and with everyday wear and good care you can enjoy wearing your Follea wig or Topette for up to three years (with a mid-way re-condition treatment at the 18 months mark).

    Today we're going to be taking a look at the base design of the Follea Gripper Lite wig ... <blog_break>

    STYLE LOOK Follea Gripper Lite Wig


    For today's Blog post I wanted to share with you the 6LY length Follea Gripper Lite wig in the scrumdidlyumptious colour C10030 Chardonnay. The 6LY Length is sometimes not considered as an option as the shorter length can appear to be less versatile than it's 8LY, 12LY and 14LY sisters but this is so not the case!

    The 6LY length is wonderfully versatile and light weight <3

    It comes exactly as shown here so is more or less ready to wear straight out of the box.


    If we take a look at the cap construction you'll see that the perimeter of the Gripper Lite wig is lined with silicone. The Silicone clings to the scalp of it's wearer making the whole experience of wearing a Follea Gripper wig very comfortable and very secure, even on super windy days. The silicone is easy to keep clean by simply wiping over it daily with a soapy wash cloth :).


    From this side view you can see that the cap is all hand-tied meaning that you can part the hair anywhere you'd like to. Pig tails and up do's are no problem in the Follea Gripper!

    The back and side areas of the cap are double lined giving the cap more strength and durability.

    The nape section of a Follea Gripper wig DOES NOT have adjustable straps so it's important to ensure that you are confident on your sizing when you place your order.

    Book your FREE consultation with us here.


    The very front of the Follea Gripper Lite wig gives you a flawless look that's amazingly natural. An extended lace front enables you to pull all of the hair away from your face and on the models with darker hair colours the front hair line also features bleached knots for an even softer look.

    A full silk top gives you the most flawless parting currently acheivable and this looks absolutely beauutiful. Not a knot in sight! ;-) Sandwiched between the extended lace front and the silk top is another band of silicone for added comfort and security.


    worth the money

    We get asked this question all the time!

    In our opinion YES a Follea wig or Topette is absolutely worth every penny but as with all things alternative hair related you have to weigh up the pros and cons of things and ultimately it's YOU that has to be happy and comfortable in your new hair <3

    Check out our Youtube Video below for today's blog post in video version :)


  3. Our 5 Most Asked Questions When It Comes To The Follea Gripper Wig ...

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    BLOG_5 most asked questions - Follea gripper wig.

    I get asked a LOT of questions about wigs. 

    I expect it as I do run a wig consultancy after all :D

    One collection that seems to attract the most questions is the Follea collection with the Follea Gripper Lite and Gripper Actif wigs being the most popular for women and children with alopecia. 

    Today I'm going to run through with you the top 5 most asked questions about the Follea Gripper Lite and Actif wigs.


    Let's get started ... <3

  4. Let's Talk About The Follea Style Wig ...

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    OK, so we all know about the Follea Gripper Lite and Gripper Actif wigs right?

    But what's available for you if you don't have total scalp hair loss?

    What if you have Alopecia areata?

    What if you have all over thinning and a Topette or topper is not going to work so well as, technically, you still have some hair?

    Well my lovely this is where the Follea Style wig comes in <3