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  1. The Denver Mono Wig - Raquel Welch's Finest Collection ...

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    Can you believe that we are almost in February?

    I'm sure that as we get older time actually speeds up! I remember when I was younger how slow time seemed to go.

    I felt like id be at school forever, that id never pass my driving test (it'll be ages until I'm old enough to start driving lessons!) and so on and so forth ....

    Now it feels like as soon as Wednesday is all done and dusted the rest of the week just flies right on by! It's a little scary really ....


    Today's post is all about the Denver Mono wig from the Raquel Welch Finest Collection

  2. The Affair wig - Hair Society Collection ...

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    Happy Tuesday my lovely!

    I bet you all have a poll going to see how long this years sudden burst of blog-i-ness from me is going to last ;-) Seriously though, I am going to be annoying you consistently through the year and beyond <3

    Sorry about that :D

    In keeping with the Ellen Wille theme I have going on for this month I wanted to share with you today a few facts and thoughts on the Affair wig by Ellen Wille

  3. The Point Wig - Perucci Collection ...

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    And we're off!

    The aspire Hair working week has begun :) Well, my working in the Aspire Hair shop working week has begun :D

    To be honest my job doesn't even feel like work these days! I enjoy meeting with our customers and meeting new customers. We chat (and not always about alternative hair!) and we have a cuppa and we try on lots of wigs. That's kind of the perfect day to me when it comes to work!

    The wig I'm talking about today is one I hold pretty close to my heart.

    I've seen this cute little wig be the starting point for many women when it comes to building their confidence back up after medical hair loss