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  1. New Hair Anxiety - It's The Little Things ...

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    New hair anxiety - Its the little things BLOG


    Waiting to collect your new alternative hair is always an exciting time. Those little tummy butterfies of excitement can leave you feeling well and truly giddy!

    With the excitement comes a certain amount of nerves too, and all of a sudden all these thoughts can come flooding in to your mind and this is the point at which your excitement can turn in to worry and anxiety.

    But fear not!

    Today's blog post is here to offer you a little helping hand and some much needed reassurance that all these things you are feeling are completely normal ...

  2. 5 Things that your Doctor may not have told you about Alopecia ...

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    5 things you doctor may not have told you about alopecia_blog_image

    After 24 years of alopecia I can say with some confidence that I've experienced every emotion under the sun when it comes to losing my hair.

    These were all emotions that I expected to feel along the way. Common sense told me (even at the age of 12) that I would have bad days, awful days and down right hideous days!

    It was so easy to become lost in the hideous days but you shouldn't under estimate how strong you are.

    We come out of them eventually right?

    I know this and I know you get where I'm coming from ....