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I bet you're surprised to hear from me!

What can I say? I am so very sorry for going AWOL this past year. It's been a crazy 2017.

I had a baby.

I got married.

I moved house (not once but twice!!).

I got a grand total of 5 days maternity leave (I'm hanging my head in self shame)

I got diagnosed with Postnatal depression and thought I was going crazy (This one is a blog post for another time ...)

My dads COPD moved in to end stage so time with him is now limited.

What a bloody year!

If the past year has taught me anything it's that I am totally blown away by the kindness, support friendship and decency of those around me. My wonderful customers, my family, my close friends (I don't have many being the total introvert that I am!) and last but by no means least the number of AMAZING manufacturers that we work with here at Aspire Hair.


Now I have got all of that out of my system let's get moved on to today's Blog post shall we?

I have to admit that I had not really taken the time to get to know the Ellen Wille collection of wigs in the past. We always offered them on the website and in the Aspire shop but only held a few styles in stock as our love for Jon Renau kind of took centre stage with us (don't worry JR, we still love you <3 )

Over the past few months Cath and I have been learning so much more about Ellen Wille and I love what I see with this company.

One of my absolute FAVOURITE styles they do is the star of today's blog post. The Mood Prime Power wig.

The funny thing is I discovered the Mood totally by chance! She is so much more than what you see in stock images. She's truly stunning!




Mood is a cute, lower density rounded bob that sits just below the jaw and curls around beautifully just under the chin. She has a soft side fringe that can be swept off or even trimmed in to a front fringe so you've got the option there.

Mood is wearable straight out of the box. She just works straight away! 

I ordered a mood in to view and the day she arrived she sold to one of our customers who had come in for a consultation that day. I was a little sad as I watched the mood walk out of my shop on our customers head ..... I didn't even get the chance to check her out properly! I felt robbed.

I ordered in another Mood wig and the day she arrived I vowed to sit down right after my next customer consultation and get to know the style inside and out. Can you guess what happened?


She only went and bloody sold to our customer in consultation!

OK - So by this point I was getting desperate. I ordered in ANOTHER mood wig and after waiting a few weeks for her to arrive (she was out of stock with Ellen Wille in every colour. Yep! she's popular alright!) She finally arrived and we got to know each other.

You may have noticed how I keep referring to the Mood wig as "her" and "she". I would like to be able to tell you that I'm one of those quirky and cool people who simply refer to objects they have a fondness for as real living people but I actually think I'm not anywhere near that cool. The truth is I'm just a wig geek through and through and my wigs (or any good wig) are important to me. I've lived the last 24 years of my life with no hair of my own so these wigs .... my business .... my customers, they're important to me. I'm insanely passionate about that.

I'm babbling. I'll stop. Sorry!

Cap Construction:


Oh you're in for a treat with this one!


The Mood wig has an all hand-tied cap which means that there are no wefts in the construction. Hand-tied caps are great as they give you a more secure fit and sit nice and close to your head. The hair can be parted any where and there will not be any wefts visible because there aren't any there!


Mood also has a lace front and mono top. One of the things I've discovered about Ellen Wille wigs is that there lace fronts are truly transparent in colour! This is a big thumbs up for me because sometimes, with paler skin tones, the finish line of the lace front can be a little visible. Especially so with darker hair colours as the knots are darker and stand out more than Blonde shades do.


Soft silicone is applied to this wig at the ear tabs and nape as well as a strip across the top of the head. When I wear any wig other than my Follea Gripper wig I ALWAYS wear my hair grip band underneath it for additional security. It's a must have item for wig wearers! More on this though in a future blog post. The silicone gives you that little but extra security so you can go about your day with no worries about the Mood wig slipping or sliding out of position. Yay for Mood! 



So that's the Mood wig in a nutshell! I hope you enjoyed this post. I hope it was helpful and, as always, if you need anything at all just give myself and the team a shout.

We're always here! And I promise .... no more going AWOL. I am back to annoy you in full force ;-)

PS - I almost forgot to let you know about the very best thing about the Mood wig! She is a beautifully balanced mix of human hair and heat resistant synthetic fibre for the best of both worlds <3




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