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And we're off!

The aspire Hair working week has begun :) Well, my working in the Aspire Hair shop working week has begun :D

To be honest my job doesn't even feel like work these days! I enjoy meeting with our customers and meeting new customers. We chat (and not always about alternative hair!) and we have a cuppa and we try on lots of wigs. That's kind of the perfect day to me when it comes to work!

The wig I'm talking about today is one I hold pretty close to my heart.

I've seen this cute little wig be the starting point for many women when it comes to building their confidence back up after medical hair loss

You see - The Point wig is ridiculously easy to wear. She's a doddle to style (the doddle part being that you don't have to style her!) and she lasts a good amount of time as she's so short.

Aspire Hair's very own Cath is a massive fan (picture evidence is below for all to see gorgeous one ...)


You see the picture opposite of the Point wig?

Do you see how nicely styled she looks? I bet the cynic in you is thinking 'yeah right! The amount of wigs I've seen on line that look ab fab and then look totally different when they arrive through the post ...'

I know that feeling hunny bunch. I really do. I've done it myself both in my personal hair wearing choices and my business choices. The truth of the matter is that sometimes what arrives through your letterbox looks a million miles away from what you saw on line.

However, I promise you that with the Point wig what you see is what you get <3 

Point is a beautifully modern asymmetric style that falls longer on the right side of the face. If you're a left side parting wearer then you can still wear the Point and move the parting across using your fingers, but she won't be an asymmetric style anymore.

Moving the parting to the opposite side levels the style out.

Point is cut nice and short through the back and sits really nicely in to the nape of the neck. It's tidy and short enough to cover the base so you don't have to worry or feel self conscious about any harsh lines or an UN natural look.  


Cath in her Point wig in Hot Aubergine <3

Cap Construction: 

Point has an all machine made base with a small Monofilament circle at the crown.

The wefts on Point are closer together than a lot of other wigs within this price range and the base is not thick and bulky like some machine made wigs.

You can adjust the size of the Point by pulling in the Velcro straps in the nape.

Point is made using synthetic fibre so she keeps her style beautifully wash after wash <3 




What do you think of the Point wig?

Would you wear her? Do you already wear hair!?

Let's get chatting ....






PS - Yep you guessed it! Point is on sale throughout January on our website. Grab yourself 15% off now <3

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  1. Janice

    I did love my "Point" hair esp the colour (I also had the Hot Aubergine) maybe tempted to try her in a new colour.

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