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Happy Tuesday my lovely!

I bet you all have a poll going to see how long this years sudden burst of blog-i-ness from me is going to last ;-) Seriously though, I am going to be annoying you consistently through the year and beyond <3

Sorry about that :D

In keeping with the Ellen Wille theme I have going on for this month I wanted to share with you today a few facts and thoughts on the Affair wig by Ellen Wille

The Affair wig is from Ellen Wille's Hair Society collection and this entire collection really does bring us the ultimate in luxury when it comes to synthetic alternative hair.


The Affair wig is a mid length style with a longer swooping side fringe and lots of lovely soft layers.

She;s the kind of wig that makes you want to run your fingers through the hair and flip the parting over to one side (dramatically of course, She's a total diva moment wig).

I guess a full fringe could be put in to this wig if you wanted to go ahead and do that but for me personally I think the side fringe works really well with this style.

Affair is all about softness and movement. She's kinda' swishy which I love <3


Affair would also look great worn tied back with the side fringe and soft layers pulled out to shape the face.

Cap Construction: 

The Hair Society collection of wigs and toppers are becoming well know for there beautiful light weight caps.

Affair is all hand-tied which means there are no open wefts in the cap construction. She's light weight to wear and the base is breathable to help keep you as cool and comfortable as possible.

Affairs lace front lets you pull the hair right back of of the face if you want to and the full Monofilament top gives you the freedom to part the hair where ever you choose.

Velcro straps in the nape let you customise the fit of this wig quickly and easily.

I have a really petite head size so I would always wear an average sized wig with my trusty old Hair Grip band. In fact - I think the hair grip band is an absolute essential to all hair wearers! Check them out here.

So there you have it!

The Affair wig from Ellen Wille's Hair Society Collection <3

Is she your kind of style? 




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