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Can you believe that we are almost in February?

I'm sure that as we get older time actually speeds up! I remember when I was younger how slow time seemed to go.

I felt like id be at school forever, that id never pass my driving test (it'll be ages until I'm old enough to start driving lessons!) and so on and so forth ....

Now it feels like as soon as Wednesday is all done and dusted the rest of the week just flies right on by! It's a little scary really ....


Today's post is all about the Denver Mono wig from the Raquel Welch Finest Collection


Denver is an amazing little style that's flicky through the back and sides. She really is one of those wigs that you can literally take out of the box, shake, put on and go! Super easy :)

Denver has a soft fringe that looks amazing swept off to the side as pictured opposite. I think this could be successfully trimmed in to more of a full fringe but I would worry that you'd be taking away part of the charm of this style.

She's all about flicks and swoops which makes her great for every day wear as shes easy to style using only your finger tips.

For a night out kinda' look all you have to do is take her off and give her a shake for instant volume. It couldn't be easier!

Cap Construction: 

Denver mono comes with a monofilament top and a lace front.

If you wear the Denver then I would love to hear how you get on with her!



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