Not All Human Hair Wigs Are Created Equal ...

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How's your week going so far? Good I hope <3

I've been spending a lot of time recently speaking with lots of different ladies about the differences between one human hair wig and another.

The thing is, it really is true when I say that not all human hair wigs are created equal!

The most common questions I get asked are ...

  • Why is this wig so expensive compared to that one?
  • This wig has a lace front to but it's so much cheaper! Why?
  • Human hair is human hair right? So why the sudden jump in price?

Can you see the theme here?

Yep! You got it!! Money.

Now, believe me when I say I am not a super rich person with thousands and thousands of pounds to throw in the direction of any new wig that takes my fancy. My parents are not rich so there is no spoiling me once a year with expensive new hair.

Me wearing my Follea Gripper wig.

The hair I wear is bought and paid for by me. I save, I budget and then I save some more. Eventually, I have enough for my hair. When I say my hair what I mean is my MAIN HAIR.

I do love how synthetic wigs are much more affordable but for me nothing beats the look and feel of a good quality human hair wig as my main hair.

Anyway - today's blog post ...

A lot of the ladies I see in the Aspire shop don't understand why one human hair wig will cost them £500 and another human hair wig will cost them £3000. I agree the jump in price is very big! There are a few reasons why prices vary so much ...




  • Hair type - The type of human hair that is used to make your wig will make the price of it differ. For example, Indian or Chinese Remy human hair will be more affordable than European Remy hair because European hair is more sought after and rarer to come by. This makes it more expensive for the company making the wig to purchase. I have an upcoming post planned explaining the different types of Human hair so I'm not going to go in to it in great detail here. 
  •  Materials used in the cap construction - A machine made wig (although these are rare to come by when your looking at Human hair wigs) is going to cost considerably less to manufacture than a hand-tied wig. When you start adding lace fronts, mono or silk tops etc in to the mix this costs even more to manufacture.  


Me wearing my January Synthetic wig

The above 2 points are only the basics there are so many other factors you need to take in to consideration when it comes to accessing if a human hair wig at £500 is the one for you or a human hair wig at £3000 is going to be the one you go for.

This is why we always like to have ladies come along to one of our free one to one consultations because we can show you the difference. You can try the examples on. Look, touch and really feel the difference in the hair and bases of each wig.

I'm not saying that the more expensive option is always the one you should be going for but please, before you make your mind up go and see what it's all about. Be informed before you make any decisions :)

Do you find the world of Human hair wigs confusing?


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