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Hello lovely lady!

How are things with you this week?

I've been busy in the shop so I've found it quite relaxing to sit down after work to write and schedule a couple of blog posts with a glass of fruit cider beside me.

If you see any typo's then you know the fruit cider is to blame ;-) (I wrote this last night, I'm not drinking fruit cider right now!)

Today I'm writing a little bit of an update blog post on my Follea Gripper2 wig

She is around 3 years old now and I'm still wearing her, she still looks great <3

I did take a 6 months break from wearing my Follea wig just after my son was born as I figured synthetic hair would be much easier for me to wear and care for while I returned to feeling like a human again (having a baby is super hard work, you'd have thought Alfie was my first child not my THIRD with the way I reacted to becoming a new mummy again!)

While I took my 6 month break from my Follea I took the opportunity to get to know modern day synthetic wigs better and bring myself up to date with the improvements that have been made with synthetic wigs. I also sent my Follea away during this time to have some hair added in to her as she had become a little thin on the back. I also had the cap tightened a little.

She came back from the Follea factory all sparkly, like new and snug and I'm still as in love with her now as the day I got her <3 <3

It still amazes me how I can wear my alternative hair up in a ponytail like this and it looks so natural!

It really is the little things in life that make us the most happy. For most women wearing their hair in a ponytail is nothing special but for me it's amazing <3

I'm currently saving towards my next Follea wig as back in January 2017 Follea launched their new collection of wigs and Topettes and the improvements made to the cap are just wonderful.

Every lady we see who chooses Follea hair for their alternative hair leaves absolutely beaming.

The look on their faces ... that feeling! It's priceless <3

Do you wear Follea hair?

What are your thoughts on the new Gripper Lite and Gripper Actif?



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