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If you haven't heard of Follea hair yet then where on earth have you been lovely lady!

Seriously though, there are so many options out there for us now as alternative hair wearers that the whole process of navigating the options can be pretty manic at the best of times.

The Follea Gripper (then Gripper2 - now Gripper Lite) wig is one I discovered a number of years ago and I fell in love with it right away .....

Today's blog post is all about the Follea Gripper lite and Gripper actif wigs

The Gripper wigs have been created for women who have near total to total hair loss.

Ladies such as myself who have alopecia universalis and alopecia totalis.

I have had a few ladies pass though the aspire shop who have had very fine hair and the Gripper has secured successfully so it really is one of those wigs that needs to be tried on and sat in for a while so that you can judge if it's right for you.

Gripper Lite & Actif Wig:

The Gripper lite wig comes in a variety of length and colours that you can choose from. Today's post is going to focus mainly on the base design of the Follea Gripper wigs as I know that if you're anything like me then the base / cap designs of wigs is something that interests you. Us hair wearers like to know all the details right!?


Gripper Lite Wig

The Gripper Lite cap has an extended lace front. The lace extends past the temples so that you can wear all of your front hair line swept back if you want to. The extended lace front is also great for when you want to casually tuck your hair behind your ears as it makes the connection line between your skin and the start of the wig super soft and undetectable.

Follea updated all of their wigs and Topettes back in January 2017 and the Gripper Lite wig now has a full French top with hidden knots. In the U.K we tend to call this a Silk top. Tomatoes, tomatoes ..... ;-)




The whole cap on both the Gripper Lite and the Gripper Actif wigs are now fully hand-tied and double lined for durability. Just imagine the pig tails and braiding styles possible now that the back of these wigs don't have any wefts :D


Gripper Actif Wig

Both wigs have silicone at the ear tabs, nape and across the top of the head (just behind the lace front) and it's this silicone that makes the Gripper wigs so secure and comfortable to wear <3

The Gripper Actif has additional silicone across the back of the head for the more active person.

The way to know for sure if Follea is the right alternative hair for you is to go along to a Follea specialist and try on some pieces.

At Aspire we offer a free one to one consultation and if you're not able to come see me and the girls at Aspire then we can refer you to someone closer to you :)


What do you think of the Follea Gripper Lite and Actif wigs?


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