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No one wants to come and see us.

No one books their first appointment with us and looks forward to coming along for their consultation!

It's not because we are bad at what we do (we're not by the way, I think we're pretty awesome - our customers think so too <3 ) It's the fact that no matter which way you look at it, coming along to an appointment at an alternative hair (wig!) salon because you're hair is about to fall out, is already falling out or has fallen out completely is NOT a very happy or positive situation to find yourself in

It's devastating.

I know.

I've been there.

But you see, that was what motivated me to start Aspire Hair in the first place.

That horrendous feeling of complete helplessness.

Feeling out of control.

Feeling like I had no choices and no options.

I hated those feelings through my teenage years and early twenties but in all honesty? They served me well. They made me strong and gave me the understanding and empathy that is vital for anyone seeing other women who are going through medical hair loss.

Today's post is about how scary it can be to come along to your first consultation and our top tips on how to prepare for your appointment.

Tip one - Bring a friend ...


Whether it's your best friend, your next door neighbour, your sister, your mum, your boyfriend / Husband / girlfriend, Aunt / Uncle or all of the aforementioned - It's always a good idea to bring someone along with you to your appointment.

Having someone with you will make you feel more comfortable although I promise you will be made to feel very comfortable with us :)

We all need support from someone we know and trust and having someone with you is also very useful in having a "fresh pair of eyes" when it comes to you trying on different styles and colours.

Myself and my team really do welcome you to bring as many people with you as you'd like for support.

We have two well sized private consultation rooms in the Aspire shop so everyone is welcome. 

Tip two - Get browsing online ...


Ever heard of Pinterest?

If you have then chances are you may be as addicted to this amazing picture / article sharing site as we are!

If you haven't heard of Pinterest then check it out but be warned. It is highly addictive.

Believe me when I say that I have lost many an evening after jumping on to Pinterest to have a "quick browse".

Anyway! Pinterest is a great place to search for pretty much anything and especially good for searching for hair styles / colours. Even wigs can be searched for on Pinterest.

Give it a go. Try searching "Jon Renau wigs" on Pinterest and see what's out there.

Doing this will give you a little insight before your appointment and also help you to feel more confident that wearing hair does look natural when done correctly.

Tip three - Make a list ...


You know all those yummy styles you find on Pinterest?

Make a list of them all lovely lady!

Make a list of every style that grabs your attention that you like the look of.

Handing us a list when you come to your appointment with us is actually ridiculously helpful in us getting a very clear idea of what you like / don't like right away.

Don't worry about your list being too long or too short.

Believe me when I say that a long list of women's names is not confusing to us. Nine times out of ten we know a wig just by the style name and brand you mention to us. We're kind of wig nerds like that ;-)

Tip four - Keep an open mind ...


Our aim at your consultation is to make you feel as relaxed and comfortable as we can.

When you come in for our appointment you are our guests and we are there to work with you to find your perfect alternative hair.

We do hold a lot of the most popular styles and colours in the shop but as I am sure you can appreciate it's impossible for us to hold everything in stock!

We would need some kind of magical mansion style warehouse (a pink one, obviously) to fit all the alternative hair in! As amazing as this sounds to me I fear that if we did do that it would take us away from our mission which is to create a safe and comfortable environment for our customers where everyone knows everyone Else's name (I have the sudden urge to hum the Cheers theme tune!) .

Sometimes we find a cap construction you like, a style you like and the perfect colour and then have to order this in for you to try.

It's a bit like putting pieces of a puzzle together but don't worry as were excellent at solving puzzles <3

I hope today's post has been helpful!

I have to say I am really enjoying my blogging this year!

After having the past year away from the blog due to me becoming a Mummy again I am thrilled to be back :)



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