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Androgenetic alopecia is becoming more and more common.

I've seen a dramatic increase in the amount of women coming to see us at the Aspire shop who are struggling with this type of hair loss.

What I've come to understand is that this particular type of alopecia is especially hard on the women that are suffering from it for a few reasons ... 

  • In the early stages of androgenetic alopecia it seems only yourself will notice the decreased amount of hair. Comments from friends, family and your partner are not helpful as they don't see what you know is the issue.
  • Your G.P has probably been ridiculously unhelpful! Doctors just as your nearest and dearest tend not to see the issue at this early stage and often will put your concern down to anxiety and/or depression. Maybe they've even encouraged you to start taking antidepressants to help relieve some of your anxiety.
  • Both of the above points really do have a knock on effect to your already dwindling self-confidence. Now you probably feel foolish even reaching out for some help and advice from an alternative hair consultancy such as ours.

All of the above make trying to deal with androgenetic alopecia extremely difficult.

When we have a woman come in to her appointment with us and we see she is feeling embarrassment or doubt I always like to reinforce the following ...

" Wearing alternative hair is a personal choice. It's about how YOU feel about yourself and your hair. If the current situation with your hair is making you un-happy and effecting your confidence then why not find a solution to this?"

So, with all this in mind let's take a look at one of our most popular human hair toppers, the Top Form.

top form baseThe Top form is a 100% Human hair topper that has been designed to give you coverage right where you need it at the top, front and crown of the head.

The Top form is attached easily in to your own hair using pressure sensitive clips. These clever little clips also have a silicone band that cushions your hair in the clip for more comfort and security.

When you clip in the Top form by yourself the first few times it can be a little nerve wrecking but I promise that we have never had a customer come back to us saying they just couldn't get the hang of attaching their topper!

Practice makes perfect :)

The base on the top form is all hand-made with a monofilament base so you can place your parting in any place you'd like. A monofilament parting gives you a very natural look where the hair is parted.

Top-Form_Long_colorThe perimeter of the Top Form has a PU lining. This is really handy as PU is much tougher than monofilament and lace so it's less likely to split and rip at the edges. A PU perimeter also gives you the options to remove the clips and attach using tape or a combination of tape and clips.

The Top Form topper is available in 2 hair lengths (12" and 18") and comes in a great choice of colours so finding the right length and colour to suit you will be easy :)

The finished look is lovely don't you think?

You can really see how by wearing the Top form the volume of your hair will look much fuller but at the same time it still looks perfectly natural.

Top form before and after

We are always here to help you should you need us :)

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