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Elizabeth HD wig


The price difference between a human hair wig and a synthetic wig is kind of a big deal.

Most of us have a budget that we need to stay within when purchasing new hair and for some of us a human hair wig is not in reach due to our budget.

But when you take a synthetic wig and completely re-style it for a customer it's a very time-consuming job. As we all know, synthetic hair can not be heat styled to manipulate its shape and the way it sits once cut like Human hair wigs can

HD fibre (heat defiant fibre) on the other hand is a great alternative to human hair as you can cut and change the style and then use heat to reshape the look if needed. If you are looking for a comfortable, natural and versatile style to put your own stamp on then you need to check out the Elizabeth HD wig by Jon Renau ...

The Elizabeth wig is a longer bob style that has a little longer layering throughout. A long layered front gives you some shaping around the face and could be easily styled away from the face to create more of a side fringe look.

As Elizabeth HD is heat-resistant you also have lots of options when it comes to cutting the side fringe shorter or even cutting in a full fringe. The new style can then be easily shaped using hair straighteners on a low to medium heat setting.

If you wanted to wave or curl the Elizabeth HD (or any HD wig for that matter!) then the trick is to allow the curl to cool before letting it fall.

I always recommend a good set of temperature control heated rollers to our customers or basic Velcro rollers and your hair dryer on a medium setting.

Using rollers is an easy way to add waves and curls of various sizes to your HD wig as you can roll them in when warm and leave to cool. The roller holds the shape for you :)

Another great thing about the Elizabeth HD wig is that the cap is all hand tied! As a wig wearer myself I absolutely LOVE this kind of cap because it feels nice and flat against my scalp and its comfortable too. I find a hand-tied cap less itchy than a wefted cap.

Elizabeth HD has a lace front and a full mono top so you really can part this wig anywhere you want. The lace front also gives you the option to wear your hair away from your face.

To secure your wig we always recommend our hair grip band but if you feel you needed even more security (maybe for a night out or special occasion where you plan on dancing around like a party animal!) then a little bit of double sided tape can be used to secure in place.

So what are our 5 reasons for loving the Elizabeth HD wig so much!?

1. You can change the length and shape of her easily with a little tweaking from your stylist

2. Elizabeth HD is heat defiant so you can style straight, curled waved as desired.

3. She comes on an all hand-tied cap for the most natural look and comfortable fit

4. She has all of the versatility of a human hair wig (apart from you can not re-colour) but costs a fraction of the price!

5. Straight out of the box she is easy to wear and a very flattering style and length.

Do you wear the Elizabeth HD wig?

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PS - Don't forget to keep your Synthetic / HD wig in tip top condition by using the correct products on her!

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