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New hair anxiety - Its the little things BLOG


Waiting to collect your new alternative hair is always an exciting time. Those little tummy butterfies of excitement can leave you feeling well and truly giddy!

With the excitement comes a certain amount of nerves too, and all of a sudden all these thoughts can come flooding in to your mind and this is the point at which your excitement can turn in to worry and anxiety.

But fear not!

Today's blog post is here to offer you a little helping hand and some much needed reassurance that all these things you are feeling are completely normal ...




The morning after the night before

Reality can really hit the day after you return back home with your new hair. It's not unusual for us to get a phone call from our ladies at this point stating that they have forgotton how to put their hair on!

Take comfort in the fact that almost all of us hair wearers have, at some point, experienced this moment of total panic!

Our advice is to stop what you're doing, go a make yourself a nice cuppa and watch our quick video tutorial on how to put on and position your alternative hair correctly.



The School / work run

I know that feeling of absolute terror all to well! A part of you is excited to be going out and about in your new hair but then another part of you is thinking 'oh god who can I get to drop the kids off at school for me today!?'.

The thing is, questions about our hair can leave us feeling very uncomfortable. Human nature makes us kinda' nosey so you may have the odd comment such as "oh your hair looks nice" or "you've gone for a new look, i like it!".

My advice to these comments is to smile and say thank you. That's it. Don't feel the need to start explaining yourself and your changing hair situation. You don't have to if you're not comfortable!

Sometimes we feel the need to offer too much information when it's not needed :)

The very first wash

This one can always bring on some anxiety.

As with everything that's new to us sometimes it can take a little practice. The main thing to remember here is that we offer a complete aftercare service. Just because you have walked away from us in your new hair it does not mean that we are not still here to help. Pick up the phone and call us if you have any worries at all!

I hope today's blog post has given you some reassurance that your not the only one who may be feeling some new hair anxiety. It happens to us all <3



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