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We have seen a massive rise in the number of women approaching us in search of a topper or hair addition.

It seems that what was once viewed as something that women should simply "get on with" - hair thinning etc is now something that women have realised they don't have to put up with and rightly so!

No matter what stage of hair thinning / hair loss you may find yourself at it's important to remember that if this is effecting your confidence then it's important (for your own peace of mind) that you find something that makes you feel better about yourself <3

In today's blog post we're looking at the new 8" easiPart HD XL topper by Jon Renau ...

Let's start by taking a look at the base design of the easiPart HD XL by Jon Renau.

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One of the things we love about this base design is that the base is nice and thin yet not flimsy (if that makes sense!). It sits nice and flat to the head once clipped in correctly and provides the wearer with a nice secure fit and feel with no slippage.

The easiPart HD XL comes with four pressure sensitive snap clips already sewn in to the perimeter so you're all ready and set to clip in and go. If you hair loss progresses to the point where the front clip / clips are not clipping in securely then these can be quickly and easily removed and tape can be used on the PU perimeter to secure.


style share64

The 100% hand-tied monofilament base allows you to part the hair in any direction so you can really customise the parting position to suit you perfectly.

The monofiliment base also makes it easy for you to have a fringe cut in to your easiPart HD XL <3

The lovely rounded shape of this 8" length is great for adding shorter layers to your existing style or adding fullness and density that compliments a bob hair cut.



Watch our video for today's blog post below


So there you go!

Thinning hair need not be the end of looking and feeling beautiful. Don't get me wrong, you're beautiful with and without hair but like I always say .... If this is effecting your confidence and causing yout o feel low and down then come and see us because there is a solution out there for everyone.


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