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3 essential items - blog and YT

When you wear hair on a daily (or almost daily!) basis due to medical need you soon start to realise that it can easily start to become very costly!

Special shampoo's, conditioners, brushes, lotions and potions etc can add up to more than a pretty penny and I don't know about you but I don't have lots of money to throw at all these things I'm told I NEED for my alternative hair.

Today we're sharing with you our top 3 absolute must have items when it comes to wearing alternative hair ...


Essential item 1 - hair grip band

I don't know about you but making sure your wig stays where you put it each day (and that would be on your head!) is kinda' my number one priority when it comes to my alternative hair.

hair grip bandI have been fortunate enough to have never actually "lost" my wig whilst out and about but I have spoken with a number of women that have visited us in the Aspire shop that have not been as lucky as me and have actually had their wig fly off whilst out shopping, swimming and even one woman who lost her hair whilst on the school run.

As I'm sure you can imagine this is no fun at all!

If your budget only allows for one item in your "essentials" kit then please for your own security and peace of mind make sure that one item is the Hair Grip band.


This clever little band not only provides you with some much appreciated cushioning and comfort but it is also an absolute lifesaver on those blustery days we are so prone to here in the U.K.


Essential item 2 - pretty headwear

Wearing your alternative hair all day is kinda' like wearing your shoes or bras all day.

I know myself that when I get home after work each day the first thing I do is take off my shoes and give myself a few moments to wriggle out my toes and enjoy the comfort and freedom of being "free" of those shoes. Then my feet start to get cold (I have really rubbish circulation) so the fleece bed socks soon go on to make sure my toes don't start turning a rather unattractive shade of blue ...

masumiNext to come off is the bra. Anyone else absolutely HATE bra's! As soon as I get home I look forward to heading off upstairs and changing in to a crop top.

Next is the hair. Off comes my Follea and my head gets a good old scratch and rub. Bliss ... <3 But much like my feet my head also starts to feel really cold after a while of walking around with no hair on. So what's a girl to do?

This is where item 2 in your "essentials" kit comes in very handy. Headwear!

If your budget allows then we really do recommend that you have at least 2 pieces of headwear in your kit.


One piece that's super pretty and glam for those days when you perhaps don't want to wear your wig (maybe on really hot days or those days when you're pottering around town and fancy a change) and then one piece that's your "comfy" piece for the evenings and through the night if you are like me and feel chilly on top most of the time.

Our fave ultra glam headwear items are any one of the beautiful Yanna pieces by Masumi and our two fave comfy pieces are the Masumi Primrose hat. 


Essential item 3 -care products

The correct care products are a must have when it comes to keeping your alternative hair in the very best condition. All the care products we stock are specifically designed for synthetic fibre, HD fibre and human hair wigs and hair pieces.

Now, I'm not going to deny that these products are cheap BUT remember that our specially formulated products are going to last you longer than you may originally think as you're not going to have to wash your alternative hair every day as you perhaps would with natural growing hair.

alfie and mummy

Your alternative hair needs washing around every 7 - 10 full day wears. Unless your like me and have a toddler who thinks it's funny to rub yogurt in Mummies hair while she's trying to sit down after work and have a few moments crocheting .... Thanks Alfie ..... :-/

Again, if your budget is tight than at a bare minimum we would recommend you get a shampoo (for synthetic wigs) and a shampoo and conditioner (for human hair wigs and pieces).



So there you go! Those are our top 3 items we think are an absolute MUST in every alternative hair wearers "kit".

Do you have any other items you'd add?

What are your essentials items?



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