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One of the things a lot of our customers tell us is that the styling aspect of wearing a human hair wig or topper kinda' puts them off wearing human hair.

This is understandable if you've never been particularly handy at hair styling their own hair.

I'm all for discovering new quick and easy ways to style my own human hair wig because, much like you, I have a pretty busy and hectic life what with work and the kids! .... <blog_break>

Most days when I get home from the aspire shop I'm pretty much exhausted. After a few hours of play time with my toddler and some cuddle time with my 10-year-old I don't really want to spend 2 hours of my evening washing, blow drying my hair. Sometimes time runs away with me (especially when I make the fatal mistake of sitting down once the kids are in bed armed with a ball of yarn and my crochet hook!)

I hope you find today's blog post useful. You can view the corresponding video to today's blog post right here on our Youtube channel.




iwig styling euro wavy hair - step 1-1

The hardest part of this tutorial (if you could even call this hard!) is taking a few moments to carefully brush through your iWig.

You want to make sure that you remove any little knots or tangles from the day so that when you run your brush through the hair it runs through smoothly and freely.


iwig styling euro wavy hair - step 2

Next you're going to want to take a water spray bottle like the one pictured above and damp down the hair. Try to make it equally damp throughout the entire piece. Remember to turn the wig around in your hand or on your care head so you can get in to the nape area.

TOP TIP - If you don't have a water spray bottle then try running the cold water tap and dipping your brush underneath it then gently brushing the water in to the hair or dipping your comb in a cup of cold water.

You can of course "kill two birds with one stone" as they say and shampoo and condition your iWig first so that it's had its weekly wash and then wait for it to half dry before moving on to the third and last step below.


iwig styling euro wavy hair - step 3


Next you want to gently scrunch the hair up using your hands. Don't worry about this being to 'perfect'. We're going for a natural wavy look here :)

And that's it!

All that's left to do now is leave your iWig to dry naturally (overnight if possible) and you'll wake up to gorgeous natural waves that were easy to create with minimal faffing.

This technique works really well on the Euro wavy iWig as the hair is already naturally wavy so by encouraging it to wave even more when you scrunch the hair it defines each wave and dries that way for you. This is why i LOVE wavy hair!

Let us know if you try this with your iWig.



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