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I love it when we have one of our customers come in to try on their new hair and it works right away.

Not because it makes my job easier but because it makes things so much easier for the customer I have sat in front of me.

Coming to find your new hair can be a stressful event!

Our job is to try and minimise the stress and anxiety that can often come with choicing and wearing alternative hair.

So you can imagine how over the moon I was when one of our gorgeous customers came in to me see and tried on her new Blake wig we ordered in for her and it just worked for her right away ...




I'm sure you'll agree with me that this young lady is totally gorgeous to start with right!? The Blake wig simply enhances the beauty that's already there <3

Let's take a look at the Blake wig in a little more detail together today ...

Click on the image below to watch our latest Youtube video about the Blake wig. Or click here.


Customer-Spotlight-Series-Blake-4RN- Youtube-Video-Title-Image

You may be interested in a blog post I wrote at the start of the year about the Blake wig. You can find that post right here.

Blake was the style I wore when I married my husband back in 2017. I felt so pretty in her!

Have you worn the Blake wig before?

Do you wear the Blake right now?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this style :)





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