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When it comes to wigs and toppers, finding the perfect shade of blonde can be a bit tricky at times!

Too ashy, too warm, no root, root too dark ..... sometimes it would be helpful if we could just take a little bit from that colour and a little bit from another colour and mix it up a little right!?

Jon Renau have done just that and today we'll be taking a look at 4 new beautiful blonde colours now available in selected styles for us to choose from .....



Laguna Blonde title image


The Laguna Blonde colour (coded FS24/102S12) is a beautiful mix of of light golden blonde tones mixed with pale natural gold blonde. This colour is rooted with a medium brown shade which makes it wonderfully wearable for lots of different skin tones.

Venice Blonde title image


If you're a fan of the Jon Renau shade 22F16 then chances are you're gonna absolutely LOVE the new Venice Blonde from Jon Renau. Venice Blonde (colour coded 22F16S8) is a mixture of light ash blonde and light natural blonde with a medium brown root colour. Again, that root colour really does make this shade very wearable for lot's of different skin tones <3

Malibu Blonde title image


Do you absolutely adore the 12FS8 shaded praline colour from Jon Renau but just wish that the root colour was that little bit lighter? Well you're wish has been granted lovely lady (Ta-Daaa!) because Jon Renau's new Malibu Blonde shade (colour coded 12FS12) will be the perfect blonde shade for you <3

Malibu Blonde has all the same tones and delicious yumminess that the shaded praline has with a slight difference of the lighter root. We predict this colour is going to be our brand new bestselling blonde shade!

Palm springs title image


Victoria-Palm Springs Blonde

We seem to be turning a corner when it comes to the grey / silver trend that's been going on lately. This super fashionable Grey/Silver trend now seems to be moving more in a light ash blonde / silver / violet kinda' direction.

Jon Renau's new Palm Springs Blonde shade (Colour coded FS17/101S18) is a beautiful mix of light ash blonde with pure white and natural violet tones. Palm Springs Blonde is rooted with a dark natural ash blonde which really helps tone this look down, making it very wearable for lots of different skin tones <3

Check out the styles now available in California blonde colours here. Our click on the image below.

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What's your favourite new shade from the California Blondes colour collection?

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this.


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