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Wed 8th August-Image - Blog Title

Investing in a Follea is always a bit of a nervous experience for the most of us.

The first investment money wise is enough to make your hand tremble over the chip and pin machine for one!

One of the many great things about choosing to wear Follea hair is that as your piece ages, through everyday wear and tear, you have the option to have refresh and repair work done to bring your Follea wig or Topette back to it's former beauty.

We've had Follea pieces sent to us that has been missing an entire lace top due to an unfortunate run in with a round bristle brush that have been beautifully repaired at the Follea factory.

One of our customers burnt the hair and lace top on her beloved Follea Gripper wig and was (very understandably!) heartbroken by the whole situation. Even this was repaired.

We can't stress enough on how wonderfully talented and skilled the Follea factory are. They certainely know there stuff!

For today's blog post I wanted to share a recent repair that was done on one of our beautiful customers Follea wig ....

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The beautiful Nikki has been a customer of ours for quite some years now (she originally purchased the Follea Aero2 wig) and this very same wig had become more than ready for a repair and refresh!

Now, bearing in mind that Nikki's Follea Aero2 wig is now around 4 years old and has only been in for one repair and hair refresh I think you'll all agree with me that both Nikki (and her Follea!) look absolutely stunning ...



If you have a Follea wig or Topette that you would like refreshing or repairing you can send this to us and we will get a quote for you. For more info please feel free to contact us.


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