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    Can you believe that we are almost in February?

    I'm sure that as we get older time actually speeds up! I remember when I was younger how slow time seemed to go.

    I felt like id be at school forever, that id never pass my driving test (it'll be ages until I'm old enough to start driving lessons!) and so on and so forth ....

    Now it feels like as soon as Wednesday is all done and dusted the rest of the week just flies right on by! It's a little scary really ....


    Today's post is all about the Denver Mono wig from the Raquel Welch Finest Collection

  2. FavoritesBanner

    Well this was a good old bolt out of the blue!

    I don't think I could possibly put in to words how ridiculously excited we are at Aspire HQ right now because Jon Renau have today launched their favourites collection and I know you're going to LOVE it just as much as we do!

    In a nutshell, the favourites collection is a collection six of Jon Renau's most loved wigs that will now be available in petite, average and large cap sizes.

    This is very exciting stuff for us ladies that wear hair especially if your head size is below the average of a 22 inch head circumference.

    So, what have we got then you may ask?

    Let's jump in to this new collection now ...

    Blake Petite <3


    I swear I had no clue that the Blake was going to be made available in a petite when I wrote my blog post about my love for Blake a couple of weeks ago. If you want to catch up with my earlier post you can do so right here.

    Blake is a stunning long length human hair wig that offers the wearer tons of styling options.

    Blake arrives with some light layering throughout making her very wearable just as she is.

    Blake is now available in an average and petite cap size. Whoop whoop!

    Take a look here.


    Carrie Petite <3


    There are not enough love heart emojis in the world that can express just how much I am loving the fact that the Carrie is now available in a petite size! Carrie has always been a popular style with our customers and it was always so disappointing when we saw someone fall in love with her but the sizing was too big for them.

    This lace front, mono top, open wefted back wig is now available in an average and petite cap size.

    Take a look here.




    Cameron Petite and Large <3


    Cameron is the most beautiful bob!

    The base on Cameron is 100% hand-tied with a lace front and mono top so feels very comfortable on the head and very light weight.

    Now that the Cameron is available in a petite and large head size as well as an average which means that EVERYONE can now enjoy this beautiful style :D





    Julianne-Petite-12FS8-alt2Julianne Petite <3


    Julianne has always been a very popular style thanks to her gorgeous waves and relaxed look and feel.

    The great thing about waves and synthetic hair is that they hold their shape well wash after wash provided they are cared for correctly.

    Now the Julianne is available in an average and petite cap size so more ladies can enjoy wearing her! The cap construction on the Julianne wig is all hand-tied with a lace front and mono top. Perfect!



    Mariska average


    Mariska is a short rounded style on an all hand-tied cap that was previously only available in a petite size. What we love about this style is that she is so incredibly versatile for a shorter piece.

    Pull the hair around your face and heighten the soft layering using your fingers so a more rounded bob look or finger comb the layers back away from the face and tuck one side behind your ear for a slightly asymmetrical look.

    Add in a full fringe, sweep the existing fringe to the side .... there really are plenty of options here.




    Zara Petite

    Zara-Petite-FS4_33_30A-MidnightCocoa-alt1We LOVE Zara! Always have always will :) Now we love her even more (if that's possible!) as she now comes in all three sizes - petite, average and large.

    Zara is a gorgeous long length synthetic wig with lots of soft layers. She looks and feels glamorous but not too much that you couldn't wear her on a daily basis.

    Zara's cap construction features a lace front and monofilament top with an open wefted back and sides.





    Kristi-101F48T-mainThe Kristen (note I'm saying Kristen NOT Kristi) wig is yet another ridiculously popular style from Jon Renau that has been a bestseller from day one. 

    Jon Renau have re-created the original Kristen by keeping the style that's so loved and putting on to an all hand-tied cap with a lace front and mono top.

    This gorgeously sleek bob can be easily customised to include a fringe if desired although it's not needed thanks to the smartlace front.

    Kristi is available in an average size.




    Save 10% on the Jon Renau Favorites Collection by pre ordering now!

    Items will ship between the 1st and 3rd Feb 2018

    Do you like the look of the new Jon Renau Favourites Collection?

    Big hugsEmma xx


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    Happy Tuesday my lovely!

    I bet you all have a poll going to see how long this years sudden burst of blog-i-ness from me is going to last ;-) Seriously though, I am going to be annoying you consistently through the year and beyond <3

    Sorry about that :D

    In keeping with the Ellen Wille theme I have going on for this month I wanted to share with you today a few facts and thoughts on the Affair wig by Ellen Wille

  4. Elizabeth HD wig


    The price difference between a human hair wig and a synthetic wig is kind of a big deal.

    Most of us have a budget that we need to stay within when purchasing new hair and for some of us a human hair wig is not in reach due to our budget.

    But when you take a synthetic wig and completely re-style it for a customer it's a very time-consuming job. As we all know, synthetic hair can not be heat styled to manipulate its shape and the way it sits once cut like Human hair wigs can