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    No one wants to come and see us.

    No one books their first appointment with us and looks forward to coming along for their consultation!

    It's not because we are bad at what we do (we're not by the way, I think we're pretty awesome - our customers think so too <3 ) It's the fact that no matter which way you look at it, coming along to an appointment at an alternative hair (wig!) salon because you're hair is about to fall out, is already falling out or has fallen out completely is NOT a very happy or positive situation to find yourself in


    How's the week going for you so far?

    I was talking with my hubby (Mr Gary Jones) at the weekend and we were commenting on how quickly March has come around. The years seem to go by faster and faster don't you think?

    Anyway, we were talking about how March is such a mixed bag weather wise in the U.K. One minute it's sunny the next it's raining ..... March many weathers!

    The conversation led me on to thinking about how I used to dread the winter months as a hair wearer