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    When it comes to wigs and toppers, finding the perfect shade of blonde can be a bit tricky at times!

    Too ashy, too warm, no root, root too dark ..... sometimes it would be helpful if we could just take a little bit from that colour and a little bit from another colour and mix it up a little right!?

    Jon Renau have done just that and today we'll be taking a look at 4 new beautiful blonde colours now available in selected styles for us to choose from .....

  2. Customer-Spotlight-Series-Blake-4RN-Blog-Image


    I love it when we have one of our customers come in to try on their new hair and it works right away.

    Not because it makes my job easier but because it makes things so much easier for the customer I have sat in front of me.

    Coming to find your new hair can be a stressful event!

    Our job is to try and minimise the stress and anxiety that can often come with choicing and wearing alternative hair.

    So you can imagine how over the moon I was when one of our gorgeous customers came in to me see and tried on her new Blake wig we ordered in for her and it just worked for her right away ...

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    One of the things a lot of our customers tell us is that the styling aspect of wearing a human hair wig or topper kinda' puts them off wearing human hair.

    This is understandable if you've never been particularly handy at hair styling their own hair.

    I'm all for discovering new quick and easy ways to style my own human hair wig because, much like you, I have a pretty busy and hectic life what with work and the kids! ....

  4. 2018 Topper Launch Banner


    The new Jon Renau Spring 2018 Topper expansion collection is now available!

    One of the reasons we LOVE Jon Renau is that they actually listen to what women who wear hair want.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again (because its just so true!) but over the years I have seen so many more women coming to us here at aspire and asking for our help and advice on their thinning hair.

    It seems that androgenetic alopecia is on the rise or maybe it's simply down to the fact that more and more women are now coming forward and seeking a solution.


    Jon Renau have cleverly taken all the topper styles that we all know and love and made them EVEN BETTER.

    easipartfrench-knotsThe easiPart XL human hair toppers and Top form toppers are now available with a "French top" (we tend to call this a "silk top" here in the U.K)

    In a nutshell what this means is the the knots created to secure the hair in to the base of your topper are now hidden underneath a silk and lace section so that the parting looks absolutely flawless.

    As we all know where you part your alternative hair and how it looks can have a massive impact on how comfortable and confident we feel when we're out and about wearing our hair. If you feel like your alternative hair does not look natural then this is going to have an impact on every aspect of your day. It's like having a bad hair day only a million times worse!

    You can check out the new collection on our website here.

    Let us know what your fave piece is!



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