Easily worn by women with varying degrees of hair loss.

The Chic wig by Follea is a great option for women experiences various types of medical hair loss including alopecia areata, totalis, universalis and general diffuse alopecia.

The Chic by Follea is made using exclusive premium European hair with the cuticle intact for the ultimate in softness and beauty.

A relined back has been incorporated into the Chic wigs design for durability and longevity.

100% handmade with a closed lace front that works wonderfully for women wishing to blend the Chic wig in with their existing hair or for women who are full fringe wearers.

Three lengths available:

8”/13” overall (20/33 cm) - Shoulder skimming and layered. Perfect for creating a classic layered bob look.

10”/15” overall (25/28 cm) - A great length option for created a longer bob (lob).

14”/19” overall (35/48 cm) - Beautiful, long layered style for versatility when styling.

Colour options: 1010, 2060, 3045, 3050, 3060, 5010, 5030, 5055, 6020, 7020, 10030, 15040. For more information on colour options please contact us.

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Follea 2017 Collection