Follea specialists in the u.k

Follea U.K specialists are specially trained and fully experienced in all aspects of Follea Hair to ensure that your journey with Follea and hair loss is as smooth as possible.

Jennifer Nyarku | London Central & surrounding

If you need to buy a gripper hair cap in London, look no further than Jennifer Effie's Hair Solutions.

Over the years there has always been a taboo as well as a fear of the word wig when it comes to choosing a colour, density, comfort and styling option.
A person’s hair can be classed as a reflection of the person they are. When this is taken away it can affect people in different ways. In some cases if you’re a mother, grandmother or a working woman you may not want people to know about your condition.

Jennifer Effie's Hair Solutions gives you control over who you choose to tell about your current health situation given your appearance remains the same.

Tel: 020 3752 5089  |  Email:  |  Jennifer Effie's Hair Solutions, 5 Upper Wimpole Street  LONDON, W1G 6BP   

Are you interested in offering follea to your clients?

We are looking for honest, caring hair replacement specialists across the U.K who would like to offer their clients the very best quality and service whilst offering on-going support to them during their journey with hair loss.

If you'd like to offer Follea wigs and Topettes to your customers then please contact us for more details.