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The Sentoo Collection aims at enabling wearers of any age to feel comfortable all day long. It is designed for those wishing for a natural look with great comfort and is especially suited to woman with a sensitive scalp.

Each Sentoo Collection Wig feels like is has been custom made, which is not surprising as these wigs are aunsurpassed in their design and construction. More - over, they allow for maximum movement and possess a totally natural appearance.

A Sentoo Wig is very easy to maintain and offers superior styling versatility. The Sentoo Collection stands out by some unique characteristics

  • As light as a feather
  • Hand - Tied
  • Monofiliment
  • Invisible LACE FRONT
  • Asoft velvety feel
  • Natural colours

You will notice when you browse through the Sentoo Wigs Collection online that we have not displayed a price for each wig. Prices are available on application only, so please do contact us for a price on your chosen Sentoo Wig.

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