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"I came across Emma and Aspire Hair whilst searching the internet to find out about Follea hair, after reading a newspaper article describing it as ‘the Rolls Royce of wigs’. My teenage daughter developed alopecia about 18 months ago and has been gradually losing her hair during this time. At first she was able to wear a system that integrated with her own hair to disguise the problem but as her hair loss became more widespread this became less and less effective and we needed to consider a full cover solution – a wig. We still find the word itself difficult and unpleasant to use!

I was moved to tears when reading about Emma on her website as her experience of alopecia as a teenager mirrored my daughter’s own situation which was really taking its toll on us all. I called Emma to arrange a free consultation and have not looked back since!

Emma has dealt with us in a caring and professional manner throughout the entire process of buying new hair. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the products she offers and answered all of our questions honestly, patiently and without any hint of sales pitch or pressure. She is clearly passionate about hair loss solutions and made the whole process into a positive experience for myself, and most importantly for my daughter whose confidence was understandably low at this point.

We visited the salon on two occasions prior to ordering the hair and Emma took the time to communicate with me via email in between times, answering further questions with the benefit of her vast experience. Above all, she was able to empathise with our situation and the difficult decisions we had to make and she couldn’t do enough to make this as easy as possible for us. Her customer care is absolutely outstanding and she was on hand every step of the way. Her regular posts to Facebook and Twitter were also an invaluable source of information for us as we tried to navigate our way through this whole new minefield!

We decided to buy a Follea Aero2 in the end and we are absolutely delighted with it! The shine and texture of the hair is beautiful, the colour is so rich, the hairline is so natural and the versatility is amazing. Again, Emma was fantastic in spending time showing my daughter how best to straighten her beautiful new hair, create curls, braids, updo’s etc. This was so important in building her confidence and making the experience of having to wear a wig into something that could actually be seen as positive, even fun!

My daughter is like a new person! It’s really hard to put into words, but her eyes are smiling again and I am immensely grateful to both Emma and Follea for their parts in bringing this about!

I recommend anyone needing help with hair loss solutions to contact Emma as the first step towards a happier and brighter future!"

Anon UK


"Emma is a kind and caring person who really understands her industry on both a personal and professional level. She made me feel at ease and I couldn’t have asked for better or more knowledgeable service. After finding her via Twitter, I had to travel 2 and a half hours and she is more than worth the distance for the service received! I cannot thank her enough for giving me back my confidence and I will recommend here wherever I go!"

Victoria, Cheltenham


"I recently bought a Follea Gripper wig through Aspire Hair and Emma. I had one million questions about this and other wigs, and Emma patiently answered all of them;o) We had consultations on Skype so we could get all the details right.

The service is outstanding, Emma is there to answer any question I have at almost any time! I have already recommended her to the Norwegian Alopecia Association.

The wig is also the most spectacular I have ever seen, and I`ve tried many different types of wigs for more than 20 years and nothing even comes close to Follea`s quality when it comes to both cap and hair;) Only those who has suffered from hair loss of any reason can imagine how important it is to feel comfortable in a wig, and since Emma is an Alopecian herself, she can totally relate to what I mean. It can change someone`s life, it surely changed mine!

So thank you so much Emma;) And you don`t get rid of me that easily, I`m a regular customer from now on! I can`t thank you enough:o)"

Tonje Vangen, Norway

I don't know what to say... thankyou so, so much, I have my hair again, I love it! I spent most of yesterday trying not to cry but in a good way, I can't wait to go out and show it off, my friends who've seen my hair have all said how much it looks like my hair was, I've had the odd sarky comment about being blond but I love the hilights in it, I always fancied going a bit lighter but never had the nerve.
I cut the lace back but I did chicken out a bit and left a small amount of lace, not quite a quarter of an inch, I'll trim the lace own more when I'm a bit braver.
I'm going to have a go at gluing my hair down later on, I thought getting my hair was enough excitement for one day lol plus my hands were shaking yesterday so I'd have only buggered it up if I'd have tried.  I'll send you some photos when I've got my hair on, I've decided to give myself a couple of hours to apply, so hopefully I'll get it done well.
Emma, I really can't thank you enough for everything; for your kindness and patience and all the support you've given me.  After the bad experience i had with a different company I didn't think I'd ever have hair again and my confidence had such a knock.  Thankyou for helping to restore my confidence, I really do appreciate it.
Many, many thanks once again,


 I recently bought a full lace wig from Emma at Aspire Hair. She has been so helpful and caring. I would highly recommend buying from her, the customer support has been outstanding and the quality of the wig is excellent! I will definitely buy from Aspire again!! Thanks a million Emma xxx - Mrs Hall


I have received exceptional help, advise and sympathy whilst dealing with Emma Hirst for Aspire Hair. The NHS offered no support, help or counselling since my condition started in March this year and Emma has been my rock and confidence booster. I am hoping to deal with Emma again for another hair unit when the time comes as I think my condition could be a long process. Many thanks to Emma and Adspire Hair. - Angela Wilson Stone


Buying from Aspire Hair has been an excellent experience. The service and advice is first rate and personal. The final product is outstanding. I would recommend them without reservation.  - Linda Cotterill


I bought 2 full lace wigs from Aspire hair. The units were made to measure and the customer support was exceptional. The units were both made within the quoted time and were of superb quality, both materials and workmanship. I would highly recommend this supplier. - Sixtey Beats


Hi guys, I would recommend anyone with any hair problems to contact Emma at Aspire Hair, she is a true gem, she has so much patience when taking an order and answers any questions professionally, accurately, and with a friendly and caring attitude!! The units I have received have always been of excellent quality and made extremely quickly. Many many thanks to Emma for all your help!!  - Mr GT


 Fantastic product really really happy, Service was as no other iv ever recieved, the company owner went out of her way to offer advise and after sales care, what could have been a difficult purchase to make has been made a very enjoyable stress free time, my confidence has now tripled! will definately buy from again thanks.  - Donna Wingate


Great service and support, the wig i purchased due to my chemo treatment is amazing, emma helped a great deal with fitting, colour choices and hair length, nothing was too much trouble and i asked a lot of question! highly recommended for others who need a wig because of a medical condition.  - Tanya Jones