The Follea Gripper Lite is a great solution for women who are experiencing near total to total scalp hair loss

Medical grade Silicone lines the perimeter of the Gripper Lite and this makes it secure to wear all day long without the need for glues and tapes which can often irritate the sensitive skin on the scalp.

The Follea Gripper Lite brings us the finest European Processed hair that is not only soft and silky to the touch, but also easy to manage and care for.

Natural movement and a healthy bounce, this hair type feels wonderful!

An all new natural skin top gives the wearer a true-to-skin scalp appearance with hidden knots and added volume.

A great addition to the Gripper Lite (when compared to the older model from Follea, The Gripper2 Cool) is an extended lace front from temple to temple to enable you to wear your hair away from the face with complete confidence.

Darker hair colours will also have bleached knots at the lace front for an even more flawless look.

The relined back on the Gripper Lite is a brilliant feature that adds more strength to the overall design for more durability and longevity.

The Gripper Lite is a 100% hand-made wig and completely enclosed for ultimate comfort and confidence whilst wearing.

The Gripper Lite is available to order in four lengths:

6”/11” overall (15/28 cm) - A great length for shorter styles.

8”/13” overall (20/33 cm) - Perfect for creating a number of styles including the ever popular layered bob.

12”/17” overall (30/43 cm) - A below shoulder length with bouncy layers that look great right out of the box.

14”/19” overall (35/48 cm) - Beautiful length giving you lots of styling options.

The Gripper Lite is available in the following colour options:

1010, 2060, 3045, 3050, 3060, 5010, 5030, 5055, 6020, 7020, 10030, 15040. For more information on colour options please contact us.

For more information or to book your appointment with us to discuss the Follea Collection please contact us using the form below or call us on 01246 432 145.

Follea 2017 Collection