For women wanting the very best quality available.

The Grandeur wig by Follea is made using exclusive hand-selected, premium European hair with the cuticle still intact.

The amazing quality gives the most beautiful and natural look with hair that reminds us here at Aspire of something straight out of Hollywood. Stunning.

The Follea Grandeur wig features a natural skin part for a true-to-skin scalp appearance with hidden knots (French Part).

An extended lace front from temple to temple with bleached knots for darker colours.

The Grandeur wig has a relined back for more durability and longevity.

Grandeur is 100% handmade.

One length available length: 16”/21” overall (40/53 cm)

Colour options: 3051, 3080, 5050, 10031, 11031. Please contact us for more information regarding colour options.

If you would like to receive a copy via email of the Follea 2017 Catalogue please fill in the form below. Alternatively, please call us on 01246 432 145. 

Follea 2017 Collection