Vat Exemption

VAT Exemption

Discover if you are eligable for relief from value added tax ...

If you are a medical wearer or wigs or hair pieces then you are entitled to claim relief from value added tax (VAT) currently set at 20% in the United Kingdom.

You can download a vat exemption declaration form here.

Am I entitled?

To be entitled to relief from value added tax you must be making a purchase of a wig or hair piece specifically for medical reasons and not for fashion. Hair loss conditions such as alopecia and hair loss due to Chemotherapy treatment would qualify.

What can I claim relief on?

You can claim relief from value added tax on wigs and hair pieces only. Please note that items such as wig shampoo, headwear and accessories must all be charged at the current rate of VAT (20%)

I can't find a way to remove the VAT at checkout! Please help ...

When placing an order via our website it is currently not possible to offer a 'magic button' that will remove the VAT from your purchase. Our shopping cart does however clearly show you the amount of vat on your order and this is the amount that we will refund to you once you have hand signed and completed a vat declaration form and returned it to us via post or email.

How long should I expect the VAT refund to take?

We will refund the vat on your order within 5 working days from when your order is delivered to you.

NOTE: We do need a completed vat declaration form back from you before we are able to refund the vat on your order.

If you would like additional help / information then please don't hesitate to contact us using the contact form below. You can also call us from Tuesday - Saturday (10am - 4pm) if you'd prefer a friendly chat over the phone.

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