Meet The Team

We're not ones to hide behind the laptop!

Emma Jones

Aspire Hair Owner/Founder

Catherine Martin

Alternative Hair Specialist

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Our small, tight knit team allows us to offer our customers a very personal experience at a time when it's most needed. By working in this way we can ensure that your experience with us will always be a positive one.

Aspire's story so far (from a lady who has really walked the walk!) ...

After losing her hair at the age of 12 Emma found herself becoming increasingly dissapointed by her experiences when it came to going to select her new hair in store. Emma created Aspire Hair back in 2010 and has worked hard to ensure that the boutique and website is a place where people feel comfortable and safe and leave feeling more confident.

Quite possibly the best hug giver in the world ...

Catherine handles consultations at Aspire Hair and also handles our social media accounts and customer service online. Full of warmth and positivity, Catherine has a natural gift when it comes to easing even the most nervous of our customers and her honest yet gentle approach is welcome and refreshing in this industry.

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